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TINMY LIGHTING: an energy saving light bulb ,LED light manufacturer in China

Founded in 2000, as a subsidiary company of Xiamen Tinmy Inc, Tinmy Lighting specialize in developing, manufacturing and marketing Energy Saving Lamps and Led Lamps. 

Tinmy Products:
After years of developing our product lines, we are now able to offer a wide range of lighting products, Our main products is covering the following:

>CFLs(compact fluorescent lamps), Energy Saving Lamp(ESL): 
Tinmy products cover a wide range energy saving LAMP: 2U/3U/4U/5U/6U/8U energy saving lamp,spiral energy saving lamp ,Globe energy saving lamp ,Candle energy saving lamp, Lotus energy saving lamp, Reflector energy saving lamp, PL and PLC energy saving lamp

>LED Light:
Tinmy products cover a wide range LED LIGHT: Led fluorescent light(LED tube light),Led Spot Light,Led Bulb Light,Led Strip Light, Led Down Light,Led Ceiling Light,Led Panel Light,Led Wall Washer Lamp,Led Street Light,Led Module,LED Display Screen,LED Backlight etc. 

If you can not find suitable Compact fluorescent lamp or Led lamp, we can customize our products according to your specific requirements. As TINMY products have the advantages of stylish, low electricity consumption, short starting time, and long lifespan, they are widely used in home, supermarkets, offices, school, hotels, factories, and hospitals, as well as residential areas and outdoor application.

>Internal Project:
Taking up with low-carbon life and eco-friendly life, Tinmy Lighting has launched Internal lighting project, take the lead in the field of solutions to road lighting, outdoor public lighting and building lighting

Tinmy Quality:
Tinmy Lighting always think quality is of paramount importance. In order to provide customers with better quality ,we strictly manufacture our energy saving lamp and LED lamp according to ISO9001:2000 standards. We inspect each process of manufacturing, from raw material acquisition ,through production ,to the delivery to our customers. And for the key components of our products, such as tubes,Tinmy lighting dispatch professional engineer stay at tube factory to ensure the quality of our ceiling lights and down lights. Hence Tinmy product keep good quality and reliability.

Centainly our products, including compact fluorescent lamps, and LED lamp are CE,RoHS,GS,SAA,SASO,PSE,ENCE,IRAM,SNI,UL,CUL and FCC certified.

Tinmy R&D:
Tinmy Lighting have strong R&D resources, supported by Xiamen University and other famous Colleges.This is a high quality team, which is able to provide the safest and stablest new products, services and particular solutions based on the least time cost, so as to satisfy customer’s variety of professional requests both in technical and efficiency considerations.

Tinmy Price:
Tinmy Lighting provide them at economical prices. 

>>Productivity is greatly improved through the use of the latest technology and automated equipment.

>>Tinmy Lighting establish adanced management system to save cost. We have developed strict internal monitoring and management system, ensuring high efficiency and quality continuing operation, and providing customers with perfect services.

>>Tinmy culture keep staff long term training and stability reduce our labor costs .

>>Our location in the coastal city Xiamen, which is a famous world compact fluorescent lamp and LED light manufacturing base. Here complete industrial chain and convenient transportation enables us to acquire resources at lower costs, and reduce customer freight charges as well. 

All these factors work to reduce our production costs, which helps keep our prices down.

As a result , our compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent light fixtures, and ceiling lamps are sought after by customers in Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Thailand ,Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia ,Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary Romania , Croatia , Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

>>In order for prompt delivery of all orders, Tinmy Lighting have extended our production capacity.We now produce 72 million energy saving lamps, 30million fluorescent fixtures, 30 million ceiling lights, and 18 million down lights, every year. 

Tinmy Service:
Our service goal is to meet all of your requirements, no matter how small orders and how difficuilt questions they may be, to maintain sustained and profitable growth for every customer through our quality products and satisfying service.

Thanks for you taking time to review our website. Ok, let’s stop here, If you are in need of our products , whether compact fluorescent lamps,ceiling lights ,down lights, spotlights, or halogen lamps, please feel free to contact us! Tinmy group team is looking forward to providing both quality lamps and excellent service for you.

  • Tel: +86-592-5555294
  • Fax: +86-592-5815392
  • Address:Factory Add: Tinmy Zone, 26-32#, Lianmei Rd. Lianhua Industrial Area, Tong¡¯an, Xiamen 361100, China